The Society

Rise Underground Society is a home for artists to learn, to evolve, to collaborate, to be seen.


Once you're a member, you will be in touch with other creators, we'll have exclusive challenges and collaborations, workshops, exclusive contests and giveaways, and more!


The more people we have in the Society, the bigger are the chances of creating awesome partnerships with companies and more benefits to members!


By choosing to be a part of this Society, you also support Rise Underground Zine, helping published artists reach more and more people. You will be supporting independent artists like yourself! How sweet of you! You'll also increase your chances to get published and seen.


Note: Right now we're going through a test period. You can choose the $5 tier on Patreon and receive amazing rewards, but that doesn't necessarily mean the benefits will be added immediately.


  • Community with other artists

  • Exclusive content

  • Exclusive prints delivered to you monthly

  • Discounts

  • Giveaways*

  • Challenges*

  • Contests*

  • Collaborations*

  • Workshops*


*Potential Benefits for the Society as it grows.

There are no plans available.