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Zara's Big Messy Bedtime


Row House Publishing



Children will learn to easily handle big and small changes (that can sometimes create a LOT of stress) with a self-regulation and mindfulness technique created by a renowned meditation guide and mother-of-five.

Meet Zara, a clever, responsible, and sometimes anxious seven-year-old girl who lives with her mother (Mama) and four-year-old little brother (Sam). Like a lot of kids her age, Zara sometimes struggles with managing her emotions when confronted with stressful situations. So what is Zara dealing with this time?

Written by celebrated meditation guide and mother of five Rebekah Borucki, and illustrated by Danielle Pioli, the second installment in the "Big Messy" book series, Zara's Big Messy Bedtime, focuses on the fears and apprehension children might feel when faced with big changes (and even small, everyday transitions). And just like in Zara's Big Messy Day, young readers will learn to accept help and become more empowered in dealing with everyday stress.

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