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Zara's Big Messy Day


Row House Publishing



An excellent Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tool for grownups and little readers. You'll join Zara, a clever, responsible, and sometimes anxious seven-year-old girl, in learning a fun and simple breathing exercise to help them mindfully manage their big messy emotions and find peace and calm in any situation.

Like a lot of kids her age, Zara sometimes struggles with managing her emotions when confronted with stressful situations.

Written by a mother-of-five and celebrated meditation guide Rebekah Borucki, Zara's Big Messy Day will help your child deal with everyday stress in simple but impactful way.

Guided by Zara’s mother, both Zara and the reader will learn a kid-friendly breathing technique—a short visualization meditation—that will help them find peace and calm in any moment.

And the best part: they'll learn to do it on their own after reading the book just one time!

Zara’s Big Messy Day is used by teachers, guidance counselors, and social workers in elementary school curriculum nationwide to teach students mindfulness and self-regulation.

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