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  • Danielle Pioli

Art Block - How To Unlock Your Mind!

If you are an artist, illustrator, animator, writer, musician - the best thing you can do for yourself is get a piece of paper and your favorite pen and write, or draw, every day to practice and develop your skills and techniques. Even a random drawing for your sketchbook, or write one single page for your new, upcoming - still imaginary - book.

It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do it.

Putting this in practice every day will give you the opportunity to create a habit, and the more you invest in developing this routine, the more you'll unlock your mind to new ideas!

It could be only 10 minutes or one full hour. No matter how long you spend practicing, you will see long-lasting improvement. We all know it's challenging to make time to practice every single day, but a turtle only grows as much as its cage allows it to grow! - Not sure if that's even true, but that's a good analogy, right? Get out of your cage and see what you are capable of doing.

I suggest you start your work/ practice day with this audio I made for a Better Drawing Day. Listen below.

This illustration is on page 6 of issue #11 of Rise Underground Zine, published in March 2019 by Danielle Pioli.


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