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  • Danielle Pioli

Blood Happens

Everyone who has periods have probably gone through this at least once.

Sometimes it leaks. Sometimes you’re not paying attention to your cycle and it surprises you. Sometimes you forget to change your pad or tampon, or to empty your menstrual cup.


Blood is just blood🩸

It’s clean (if you're healthy), it’s natural, it’s part of the cycle that allows humanity to keep reproducing (although I personally think we should hit the breaks a little - too many people!) It’s sacred even. I’ve been through situations (and have seen girls go through the same) where we’re being shamed for the leaking blood. Oops, it’s an accident but nothing to be ashamed of or shamed for. Let us fucking bleed. 🩸 I don’t shame people for having a massive sweat mark under their armpits. It just happens. Just a little vent and hopefully something empowering for bleeding people of all kinds and ages! 🩸♥️  



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