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  • Danielle Pioli

Chaos and Creativity series - A GLIMPSE OF PEACE

Chaos and Creativity painting series.

Chapter number 2: A glimpse of peace.

The chaos may still be there, but there are moments of peace and quiet. Brief moments that I need to capture. Brief moments that I can't waste.

And learning from these moments is essential in order to recreate them. Learning how to recreate them will help me get more and more of those.

I wouldn't call them inspiration. I feel inspired in the chaos. The chaos is pretty much inspiration, thoughts, ideas, motivation, desires, and ambition, expanding, contracting, and colliding non-stop inside my head. So the inspiration is there dancing with everyone.

I wouldn't call them accidental either. Is just a moment of alignment. It is not out of my control.

The moment of peace comes when the idea is more than a shallow thought flying through but it is aligned with inspiration, with motivation, or other elements, and creates a stream, a flow, that allows me to focus on creating.

Sometimes I can only see a glimpse of this aligned idea, and I need to deliberately walk towards it and keep it alive. To make it grow. To make something out of it.

It is a challenge for me to put all those abstract feelings and sensations and thoughts into words. I may contradict myself often, but how can you not amidst pure chaos?

About the Series

Chaos and Creativity is a series of paintings where I depict the chaos inside my mind, the creativity that becomes overwhelming. I will add this artwork to my shop with the other pieces of the series I’m currently creating.

Like I said in my Letter #2 (newsletter) I've always held the word chaos as something negative. But it doesn't have to be.

When you start seeing the positive side of it, and ultimately embracing it, you start finding peace in it. Finding its perfect order amidst what before seemed to be completely random and out of control.

To me, finding peace amidst chaos is the Creativity at its best. It takes a strong wonderful mind to channel something beautiful and meaningful from such hyperactive energy. From the chaos inside an artist's mind.


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