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  • Danielle Pioli

Gabriel Vendramini

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

This dude does pretty much everything in his records. He writes all the songs, all the instruments, by himself. His project goes under his name because it is an actual autobiographical and personal work.

With lyrics in English, he talks about his first date with his girlfriend, about his kidney issues, his biker parents, dissolved bands, his passion for music, and even gives us some motivational words. All that in a rock’ n roll beat, spreading nothing but pure love for music and appreciation for life as it is.

His supporting band consists of a friend from another band (Drama Fox) Michel Barbossa, and his older brother André Vendramini.

Singles: I Really Don't Care (2019), Thomas Crapper (2018), Ao Vivo no Estúdio Aurora (2018), First Night (2017), Sadness Outside (2016), The Cabin in the Woods (2016), Black Hole (2016)

Albums: Lighthouse (2018), Brick By Brick (2016)

EP: There’s More (2017)

Instagram: @gabvendramini


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