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  • Danielle Pioli

Good News Turned BAD

Things don't always go according to plan.

Sometimes things completely fall apart. And we need to accept that some things are beyond our control.

And we need to find the motivation to keep going.

But it still hurts.

I got news for you...

I was so thrilled to announce that I was going to exhibit at Lightbox Expo and NYCC.

I was looking forward to going back to NYC, a city that I love, and to exhibit there for the first time.

I was also so happy to be back at Lightbox Expo, which is my favorite event.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to travel to the US. My Visa is expiring soon and it is taking almost a year to renew it in my city. VERY disappointing.

I gotta say, my disappointment goes beyond a Visa renewal. I started spiraling downwards, telling myself this will hurt my credibility with the expos AND my career and business. I lost motivation to keep working on my children's book. I was left completely lost after the news hit.

But one thing I need to hold on to (in order to not lose it) is that something else might happen. Another great thing could happen instead and I'm not at a 100% loss.

I have another plan in mind. But I'm going to need the help of my audience, my supporters, the ones I talk to every time I make a brush stroke. I'm going to need YOUR help.

Here are some things you can do:

  • You can become a supporter on Patreon.

  • You can buy from my Art Shop (books, stickers)

  • You can order Commissions.

  • You can buy my Original Art.

  • You can buy hypnosis recordings or order custom hypnosis recordings from me.

  • You can buy my MIND YOUR ART course.

  • You can watch my YouTube videos, hit Like, leave comments, give "Thanks" tips.

  • You can share all my content on your social media.

  • You can send me your good vibes while I work through this rough patch.

With each other's help and support, we are much stronger!


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