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  • Danielle Pioli


I want you to be inspired. Because inspiration is needed in life, whether you are an artist or not.

I want you to be inspired to open a smile on your lips. I want you to be inspired to dream. I want you to be inspired to create.

When you are inspired, you are open to receive. When you act from a moment of inspiration, you tell the universe that you accept receiving from it. It will keep sending you more inspiration until you have created what you have been only dreaming of.

I want you to be inspired by my art or anything else. But allow yourself to get inspired. Relax. Breathe. Receive. Let go of resistance. Just let it happen, naturally.

Sending you all lots of love and hopefully inspiration ❤️

This is the 100th drawing of #10minchallengedp - it’s been a great journey!

Now I’ll take a break from the challenge and might come up with something new... who knows? Lately, I’ve been receiving so many different ideas that I never had before. Who knows what is to come... but I know one thing: I’m excited to see what it will be!

With love, Danielle


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