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  • Danielle Pioli

Layers by Bianca Schwarz

Artwork by Bianca Schwarz
Layers by Bianca Schwarz

"The story behind this piece is simple. It's 'thankfulness'."

Bianca told us her story and wanted to share it with everyone.

One morning Bianca got an email saying that Danielle Pioli uploaded a new video on Youtube, talking about success. The myth of success.

In her words, she says "That success is nothing graspable, it's a path you walk on. I was so touched."

She learned that people who are successful work hard. Work smart.

After that first part of the video, the hypnosis (or brain hacking) portion began and she followed along.

She said she learned that practice years ago in clinics, and it is called "Achtsamkeit" in German. Which means "mindfulness". Although it was a little different from what they were doing int he video.

Artwork by Bianca Schwarz
Artwork by Bianca Schwarz

"It felt good. I cried, because being seen, existing... is new to me. Being heard is new to me."

She also said that her core feelings are that she's not enough, even though people around her tell her she's wrong.

"Am I really allowed to do what I want to do? What is art really? It used to be a tool for me, to scream out voiceless. But it is more. It can be more if you look a bit deeper. That's why I made the girl's skin a little bit see-through. Layers. If it has a title, it would be Layers."

Said Bianca about her piece, inspired by the hypnosis recording session she just had.

"Thank you for listening"

She said.

No, Bianca. Thank YOU for sharing such a beautiful experience!

Find more art by Bianca: Instagram.


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