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  • Danielle Pioli

LightBox Expo Online 2020

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

So happy to officially announce that I will be at @lightboxexpo Online 2020!! This is so exciting!

There will be SO MUCH amazing content and activities from so many artists, you won’t believe it 💗

I honestly cannot wait! I’m planning on creating so much that I will barely have time to “walk” around and participate as an attendee, but that’s the spirit, I guess!

And you can join for as little as $1! Go to to register!

I have a few panels I'll be doing for the event. So make sure you check out my full schedule on Make sure to also check out my special releases and exclusive artwork!

Most of the content I'll be exhibiting is free to watch on my social platform, so I suggest you check it out either way :)

Booth Number: 316

My personal Exclusive LBX Discord server:

Please join only if you registered for LBX.

Hope I see you there!!

More to be announced soon!

See you there ❤️


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