• Danielle Pioli

LightBox Expo Online 2020

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

So happy to officially announce that I will be at @lightboxexpo Online 2020!! This is so exciting!

There will be SO MUCH amazing content and activities from so many artists, you won’t believe it 💗

I honestly cannot wait! I’m planning on creating so much that I will barely have time to “walk” around and participate as an attendee, but that’s the spirit, I guess!

And you can join for as little as $1! Go to LightBoxExpo.com to register!

I have a few panels I'll be doing for the event. So make sure you check out my full schedule on daniellepioli.com/lbxo. Make sure to also check out my special releases and exclusive artwork!

Most of the content I'll be exhibiting is free to watch on my social platform, so I suggest you check it out either way :)

Booth Number: 316

My personal Exclusive LBX Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/GB6Qpje

Please join only if you registered for LBX.

Hope I see you there!!

More to be announced soon!

See you there ❤️