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  • Danielle Pioli

Self-Love Hypnosis - Binary

This is a binary hypnosis recording to build, enhance, raise, self-love.

Listen with ear/headphones! - Binary hypnosis plays first in one ear, then in the other. The idea is to confuse the subconscious mind and send the suggestions straight to the subconscious. You can listen to it while doing any activity, or sleeping, except for driving!!

Lack of self-love is the root of any internal issue you may be experiencing, which reflects on the external world as well.

Learning to love yourself builds a solid foundation in your life. When you build a solid foundation, you are way more likely to achieve the things you want in life.

Some of the benefits of increasing self-love:

  • More self-confidence

  • Developing a healthier lifestyle

  • More self-care

  • More self-worth

  • More self-esteem

  • More acceptance

  • Less stress

  • Less anxiety

  • Less harmful habits

  • Healthier relationships

  • Higher chances of positive manifestations

  • Healthier choices

  • And much more.

This hypnosis was created by Danielle Pioli, a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Music by Danielle Pioli

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