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  • Danielle Pioli

Stolen Art

It's been a while since I didn't see or bothered about stolen art, but these past few days got me really pissed about it.

I admit I am already frustrated with Instagram apparently boycotting my account for no reason, and when I saw an account with 2 million followers post my art - signature covered - I HAD to report.

The post was taken down.

But I don't mind people sharing my work, I think the internet is a place of sharing, what bothers me is that this image spent 2 months on a HUGE account with no credits on it, while I bust my ass to gain more followers than I lose in this messed up algorithm Instagram has.

That was it. I couldn't turn the blind eye. I reported, the post was taken down, but still, those 2 million people do not know my work.

Frustrating. Very frustrating.

Creating content is not easy. Creating art is not something you do in two minutes and it's perfect. It takes time and effort. The account that posted it is a "repost" account. Meaning, they DO NOT CREATE the content they post. They only have te work of hitting POST. And yet, they don't even search for the author. They grew their account to 2 million followers using other people's hard work.

And some of them remain uncredited.

Not acceptable. How come THOSE accounts don't get shadowbanned and I do?? I have never bought a followers in my life. I gain lots of followers on a daily basis, but Instagram keep unfollowing accounts on a pace that is ridiculous - and UNBELIEVABLE.

If all those accounts were ghosts accounts, I would have NEVER had an actual follower in my whole 8 years of Instagram. The amount of unfollows... you wouldn't believe.

That's why my account is stuck. It never grows. It kind of renews itself. Never reaching 190k followers.

If you want to help, please share my account with your friends and family. Share it on your page. Sharing, when with credits, is caring ❤

Is any of this happening to you, your art, and your account too??


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