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  • Danielle Pioli

The Magic of Intentions

Having an intention is like adding an address to your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It adds a destination to your thoughts and emotions and actions. It adds purpose.

I believe intentions are what separates a life on autopilot from a deliberately designed life. One happens to you, the other happens through you.

If you don’t define what your life will look like, your environment, the circumstances, and the people around you will do that for you. This doesn’t seem very empowering.

But Intentions, they help you set goals. Intentions help you understand where you really want to go.

I believe having an intention in every little action is like adding love to everything you do. A little touch of magic, a pinch of fairy dust.

It makes life more magical, more deliberate, therefore, more joyful.

And I believe life should be joyful, as much as possible. There’s never too much joy.

Intentions have the power of making life more enjoyable, exciting, purposeful, and beautiful.

My intention with this video is to inspire you to be more deliberate about your thoughts, emotions, and actions. To be more aware and conscious of what you may be attracting. And to choose to live a more purposeful and joyful life, attracting what you want - deliberately.

I hope this sparks a little flame of inspiration inside you and remember to add a pinch of fairy dust to everything you do ❤️


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