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  • Danielle Pioli

The Orbiting Things

Thoughts are satellites. Ideas, inspiration, motivation, emotions... they come and go, then come around again.

Like they are orbiting our mind never truly leaving, but going about their cycles and coming back in their own time.

One day I'm excited about playing music, the next I move on to sewing. Moving on to skating the day after that. Never truly mastering anything. Never truly getting good at anything.

I've always felt bad about that. I've always felt flaky, unreliable, wrong. Like I never finish what I start. Like I'm drowning in the shiny object syndrome.

I have too many interests. Too many desires. Too many ideas. And not enough time. So I jump around each one, just a glimpse, a quick brush, I learn a little bit and I'm ready to move on.

But those interests don't leave me. They eventually return. Like Saturn return.

And so do all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Especially the feelings that were not allowed to be felt. The feelings I had to hide, to swallow, to pretend didn't exist.

Those orbiting energies have no concept of good or bad. They just exist, they just keep orbiting in cycles like everything else we know. Like the moon around the Earth. Like the Earth around the Sun.

Accepting that things happen in cycles - they end, they start again, they die, they are reborn - is moving in harmony with Nature. It is being in harmony with our own nature. Our natural, wild being. The Wild Woman.

Societal demands will try to break that harmony because the system we live in need us to be reliable, to be productive, to make someone else rich. But my criticism against capitalism will have to wait for another blog post.

Just let's not allow ourselves to be molded to fit someone else's standard again. If you happen to be a scanner type of person, embrace that! Embrace the learning process, embrace the new, the change that comes with quickly switching between different hobbies, occupations, careers.

We might end up becoming super versatile fast learners.

And of course, very creative!

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