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Taisha Koster

Aspiring artist

Instagram: @taishakoster

I have been following Danielle on social media for quite a while now. Her artwork is so inspiring, and from the beginning, I could see her want to share her knowledge with the world, and offer tips and her support. As Danielle grew her business and interests, she introduced her Mindgarden program. I enjoyed following along with her hypnosis’ on YouTube, when I realized she offered a mentorship program and I was in a position in my life that I felt the program could be very beneficial.


I’ve been trying to make art a career option for me, but didn’t feel confident that I had a place, or anything new to offer the art world. Being a new mother, I had a few questions on timing and scheduling that I wanted to have answered before I fully committed, and Danielle was quick to respond, and answered all of my questions! So I purchased the program through Danielle’s website.


Danielle sent a questionnaire, to help her determine what we should focus on, and we scheduled our first session. On the day of our first session, I didn’t know what to expect, but I had everything laid out (my iPad, journal, writing utensils) ready and waiting! When Danielle called, she was incredibly friendly, and reassuring. The program is hypnosis based. I had never been hypnotized before, but Danielle answered any questions I had, and cleared up what hypnosis was and wasn’t.


Once I was comfortable and ready, we dove into the first hypnosis. The first session is a bit longer, you go inside yourself, and while I think it is partly so Danielle can get to know you, I also got to know myself again, and in new ways.


Danielle has you journal after each session, and throughout the week until the next session. I found this incredibly helpful. It takes me time to process my emotions, so I usually wouldn’t have much to journal right after our sessions, but after some of the homework, and allowing the hypnosis to work into my subconscious, I could journal and found I would have major breakthroughs!


Danielle would always check in on me throughout the week, and would be so excited to hear about my breakthrough.


I always enjoyed the homework assignments, which involved self-hypnosis, Intention setting, artistic journaling, listening to pre-recorded hypnosis, and self exploration.


When I started Danielle’s mentorship, I lacked self confidence in my self, and in my artwork. Danielle guided me through hypnosis to find why I did not have confidence, and helped me rework my mindset to allow me to be confident in myself and my artwork. Since finishing, I have started growing myself as an artist and growing my art business. I can definitely say I have seen my confidence grow, and enjoy creating again.


Danielle helped me free myself of my old negative thoughts and helped me to allow my creativity to run wild. I am eternally grateful, and feel I have gained a lifelong friend. I am looking forward to working with Danielle again, and highly recommend her services! 

Mionna K

Danielle is welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. I feel as though working through our session allowed something to click for me. I look forward to using what I learned from our session, and applying it to my life daily . I'm hoping to have more sessions in the near future with her. Loved her vibe and patience. Her attention to detail is amazing!

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