The Society

Rise Underground Society is a home for artists to learn, to evolve, to connect,  to collaborate, to be seen.

Artists’ communities can be very toxic. Everyone is being pushed to draw 24/7 in order to improve in unrealistic ways in unrealistic timeframes. In these communities, you learn that your value is dictated by how good your work is in others’ opinions.

The art world is full of people needing outside validation in order to feel good about their own work and about themselves.

This can be harmful to many individuals who have the tendency to compare themselves to other artists, who have workaholic tendencies, or those who just lack confidence in themselves. It is a dangerous way to live if you’re a full-time artist or want to become one.

All these messages from these communities are growing roots in the artist’s subconscious mind, resulting in a toxic relationship with their work, their career, their life.

And creativity cannot thrive in a toxic environment.

Rise Underground Society offers a safe place for artists where they can get support, tips and tricks, knowledge, and make friends. It is the next level for artists who know they can reach their full potential and are willing to get there. It is a well-being based space that will help artists rid their minds of toxic thinking, reprogram their thinking patterns and be able to learn quicker and with more ease.


  • Offer artists a safe place to heal their toxic relationship with their work so they can create their best art.

  • With the use of hypnosis, reprogram the artist’s mind in a way that serves them and their goals in life.

  • Give artists the floor to fully express themselves in their art, find their voice and speak their truth.

  • Make space for artists to work together and collaborate in pieces and projects where they can learn from one another.


Once you're a member, you will be in touch with other creators, we'll have exclusive challenges and collaborations, workshops, exclusive contests and giveaways, and more!


The more people we have in the Society, the bigger are the chances of creating awesome partnerships with companies and more benefits to members!


By choosing to be a part of this Society, you also support Rise Underground Zine, helping published artists reach more and more people. You will be supporting independent artists like yourself! How sweet of you! You'll also increase your chances to get published and seen.


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  • Community with other artists

  • Exclusive content

  • Exclusive prints delivered to you monthly

  • Discounts

  • Giveaways*

  • Challenges*

  • Contests*

  • Collaborations*

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*Potential Benefits for the Society as it grows.

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