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  • Danielle Pioli

Art And Intuition

"Your job is to be a conduit for ideas to become tangible, concrete things." - Danielle Pioli

Ideas are concepts. And you have to translate them into your art, whatever you do. I like to be mindful when I'm working. I allow myself to feel emotions and figure out how I can translate that into a drawing.

I like being intuitive.

I like to mindfully let my intuition come first.

When your art is intuitive, it becomes therapeutic. Because you’re accessing the subconscious portion of your mind, which is where all the information you have seen, heard, read, felt are stored. Not only as an individual but as a collective.

Your subconscious mind is where your emotions, habits, beliefs, memories, intuition, automatic body functions, live. So being mindful about letting your intuition lead the way when you’re coming up with ideas, or translating an idea you had, will help your art have more essence and a point of view. And other people can relate because of the collective unconscious. We understand symbols like colors, shapes, shades, lines, angles, at a subconscious level and that connects us all to a common understanding. Of course, it varies in interpretation depending on each person’s experiences or culture, but there’s an essence there that we all pick up subconsciously. Your conscious mind will come in a later stage to “correct mistakes” and clean up and make it look beautiful and clear. Except if you’re Glen Keane. Then someone else will do it for you! 😁 Glen Keane puts a lot of emotion in his drawings and animation work. He’s a great example of working intuitively. He puts himself in the shoes of his characters and feels the emotions. He lets these emotions be his guide for the acting, timing, shapes, and lines, and that is his subconscious at work.

So let yourself be intuitive. Create from the heart, intuition, purpose, and intention. Don't let yourself get hung up on how pretty your drawings look at first. Be free to create, get in touch with the subconscious and create happily!

Happy creating!

Written by Danielle Pioli


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