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  • Danielle Pioli

Inner Child

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

youniverse inner child

Inside each and every one of us there's a child. A perfect little child, who is naturally whole. Naturally spiritual. Naturally imaginative. Naturally creative.

That child is a natural believer. They know there's something greater than themselves. That child is pure and innocent. But that child must first be loved before they can love. They must be taken care of. They must first learn what kindness is. What it is to love and be loved. What caring for someone means.

Perhaps your inner child was wounded. Perhaps they have been neglected. Perhaps they have been hurt. Abused. Perhaps that child doesn't know how to love because nobody taught them. Perhaps that child doesn't know how to love themselves because they didn't feel loved or accepted. That child is still perfect, s/he only has wounds that need to be healed.

A healthy inner child can provide you with the creativity you never thought you had. A child thinks no idea is stupid. They are just ideas when the child is healthy. A wounded child needs your love, acceptance, playfulness. Your protection. Your care. So they can heal.

Give it to them. Talk to them. Show them your love. Show your inner child that they perfect just the way they are. That they are accepted, protected, safe and loved. Close your eyes and tell them that. Knowing that this child lives inside you.

And every good thought you have about yourself, they hear it. And heal a little more. It makes them happy and more playful, imaginative and free to create. But every bad thought you have about yourself just hurts them more. What your thoughts. Teach them kindness by being kind to yourself. See your inner child heal.

Written by Danielle Pioli

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