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  • Danielle Pioli

The Secret Life of Ideas

I believe everything has life, everything is conscious. Everything is consciousness.

I believe ideas are energies that choose you to make them "real".

I believe the job of an artist, or any creative person, is to work as a conduit for these ideas to become material, physical things.

Like they have a life of their own, and they're using you as a vessel to experience the world as material things.

Like little sparkles of light, like little well-meaning fairies, flowing around us, and choosing the ones that will do the best job in giving them their new life.

Like we came to Earth as Souls wanting to experience the material world, they come to Earth as consciousness wanting to experience their own physical life.

I believe we should never shut down an idea. We should always welcome them. With arms wide open. With kindness in our heart. With the intention of doing our best for them.

I believe that if you offer a welcoming loving home for them, they will bring their friends. You'll have an open connection with inspiration. You'll have a flow of ideas streaming towards you.

I believe they chose you for a reason. Don't get overwhelmed.

I believe ideas are patient. And if they are not ready to become physical things yet, they will develop into something that is. Perhaps with your help.

I believe everything has life. I believe we should treat everything as alive. As conscious. Treat everything with kindness.


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